Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog Review

So I've Been Looking at Pther logs About Cosmetology, And It Really Hepled Me Put A lot. The Lady Who Was Incharge Of That Blog Was Writting A lot Of Intresting Stuff.She Would Write About Things She Would See From Work,Stores She Would Stop  At That Had Toi Do With Make-Up.She Would Have Pictures Of Creams She Would Use And How They Would Help Her Out.That Was Nice Of Her

Monday, October 4, 2010

Drop out factory!

So not so long ago i saw something on Fox news and it was talking about the school Roosevelt High School. They basiclly called us a drop out school.i did not like them calling us that.  Not all students here are like that some of us are gonna turn out to be great people. And it's not like Roosevelt is the only school that has students that drop out. And i am willing to prove them wrong.

Hello World!

 Hey,well my name is Nat i am a fun person. Well i am going to be talking to you about Cosmetology. Cosmetology is all about Beauty,It has to do with hair,make-up,nails and other stuff. I've always been into cosmetology and i am trying to show that it is nothing complicated at all.I have always done and practiced doing make-up and nails and it always come out good. Everywhere i go i see all this girls that have the make-up done ll pretty,the hair cut all pretty that's what influences me to learn more about cosmetology.